Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yesterday, my car overheated in west covina so i had to bring it to pepboys therefore pushing back all of my afternoon plans. They told me that i had a hole in my radiator and that it needed to be replaced which was running at: $600. (YIKES!) But PTL for God's providence through Uncle Tony and Tito Dodo, who quickly came to my rescue, gave me advice, took my car and are in the process of fixing it for a substantially cheaper cost. Also, PTL that my grandparents were so willing to pick up my sibs AND take me to work where we closed early and a friend of mine was able to bring me home in time to finish ALL of my homework. Overall, PTL for a God who brings us to situations that just seem to be a pile of trash, but then reveals that He's got a trashbag in His pocket and will help us clean up the mess. All the time He is just too good to me and I praise Him for His mercy! -Aarika