Tuesday, May 25, 2010

God reminded me tonight He was still here...

How awesome it is to be able to just say that God is near & I know it to be true. It's like a sixth sense, because I felt his presence tonight. Sometimes I long for just a nudge, a simple word from the Holy Spirit, and when it comes it's better than Pasta or Pizza.

For a long time I've been having withdrawels from a lack of worship in my life. In fact, even though I am a musician by calling, often I don't even want to listen to music. If that sounds strange, I'm telling you it is. It's a weird place to be. Was a time in my past when I could sit and play my guitar for an hour just worshiping God in the Holy Spirit, singing scriptures in English & the small amount of Hebrew that I learned. It was such an uplifting time. Haven't had that kind of experience in a while, until tonight.

Tonight I got a breakthrough. It was a practice session for the worship team at church. I love the team - everyone there is so real & cool with each other. We are a tight knit family of believers, no attitudes, nothing lingering below the surface. Just some real people loving on each other & goofing with each other & just being real. Tonight, however, I was just feeling a bit disconnected. Things didn't sound right to me, and I was having trouble keeping beat & playing the correct chords. Normally I could just disengage & go with the flow, but I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to pray with the team. We all came together & prayed, and the mood transformed into a beautiful time of peace & worship. It was incredible. The last song we played was more of what we call a "flow" , the song lingered on as people just worshiped through it, and when the time came, the last note was played right on time and it ended softly, like falling on a bed of soft pillows. It was awesome.

What God showed me was that I do care about worship more than I realized. And that through the praises of his people God manifests himself. Awesome.