Saturday, June 13, 2009

This is sobering: GOD still tests our hearts and pays careful attention to our individual and church's gospel ministry (1 Thess. 2:4). PTL. -PJ
Although I have not found a second job, the free time has allotted me to help out at my youth ministry. I hope that God works through these kids. God is good. PTL. - Joshua
Yesterday, Melody was driving and a car ran a red light as we were crossing the intersection. Melody abruptly braked in time, but the car to our left didn't, hitting the driver's door of the crossing car. Although no damage was done to or by us, we pulled over and prayed. God sobered us to how fragile we are as people, yet still we rejoice in that because of Christ, life for us doesn't end here and we have no reason to fear death. PTL. - Julian
Today was probably one of my saddest days in my college experience. I had my LAST undergraduate final and a bulk of my residents moved out of the hall - many different "endings." But this sadness is a blessing. The sadness means that my college experience mattered and was meaningful. I wouldn't have it any other way, and I'm looking forward to more. PTL fo sho! - Marlo

Friday, June 12, 2009

PTL for His wonderful, unending grace in promoting the Mitch to high school, sustaining life and strength for the Grandma, incoming monies from the job to pay the bills, and ending summer quarter before it began. In these different circumstances, there is one reason why I PTL-because God deserves all the glory and praise in all situations. -Jacquie
Today, I was supposed to go to Disneyland with my friends, but I realized I was blocked out and didn't want to spend $40 to go in. Instead, I had a relaxing day and got to spend quality time with my dad. We had some good talks, great laughs, and I also had a chance to get some things done around the house. PTL. -Heidi
I'm tired, not desiring to go to work, and missing my family. But God reminded me through the wonders of technology that I am anything but alone and cut off. PTL. -Aarika
First day of no school. I woke up reading Religious Affections by Jonathan Edwards. The writings of the Puritans are a true blessing because they show what true godliness means. A true Christian must have proper emotions and affections for the Lord. More importantly, a true Christian is one who lives in obedience to the Lord. Praise God for the godly wisdom of the puritans. PTL. -Alex
I watched game 4 today with my dad and Andrew. Andrew was really happy with the win and I was really upset. Pride is bad and God humbled and rebuked me, teaching me that I should be joyous at all times even when the Lakers win. PTL. -RJ

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our first flight leaving LAX was supposed to leave at 10:35pm, but we didn't leave until 12am. Little girl didn't want to sleep even though she was tired, which caused us not to sleep throughout the 4 hour plane ride to Atlanta. Our second flight out of Atlanta was very bumpy, causing me to feel a little sick so I couldn't sleep once again, but if I did sleep I wouldn't have seen God's awesome glory displayed through creation. PTL. -Geneyem
Today is officially the end of my junior year in college and also the last day I will ever live in the dorms. The transition is a bit saddening but thank God for transitions and that despite the many transitions we go through in life, He is still the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. PTL. -Christine
Today, I am officially done with summer school and my first year of seminary at Talbot. Never in my life would I think that I would be studying theology and philosophy at a great Christian university. God has been so faithful in teaching me the trustworthiness of his Word and his Son. Thank you for your faithfulness, Father! Next on the agenda: disco disco, Reeses Pieces sundae, pump iron so I can eat lots of frosting at Hazel's, party at the library, and read some metaphysics. PTL. -Alex
My parents arrived in Europe safe and sound. Now they will be traveling for awhile and I'm so happy they still love to be with each other after all these years. PTL! -Andrea
I got four hours of sleep and totally didn't want to go to work this morning. But thank God I even have a job at all! PTL. -Allan
Today, I awoke 1 hour past my alarm and consequently in a near panic attack. God is so merciful 'cause instead of the accustomed 2+ hour traffic it takes to get to work, He graced me with a minimally congested commute, allowing me to arrive at the nine-to-six with 10 minutes to spare. PTL! -Helen
We had prayer meeting last night and prayed for the CW missions trip. It was encouraging to see members gather together and pray for the trip. PTL. -Krissa
Yesterday, my mom and I had a whole strawberry field to ourselves. Strawberry fields forever. PTL. -Ica
Ever since I started working two jobs, I've been extremely exhausted and discouraged because I've lost a lot of my accountability time with the youth (especially RJ) and with my family. I even started debating if it was really worth it, but my new bosses have been such a huge blessing. Lately, I've been working every Friday from 2-9, but when I mentioned Friday Night Bible Study, they totally reworked the schedule so I can still go. This is God's provision for me, letting me know that I can do both as long as I trust in Him and make an effort to let those around me know that He and my brothers and sisters in Christ are a priority. PTL. -Aarika
Today, I got some friends to join me in using our leftover school credits to buy drinks for students stressed with finals. With our group of 7 people, we were able to hand out 59 free coffees to those studying in the student center. Our kindness touched more than 59 people. God is working at UCI. PTL FO SHO! -Marlo

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today felt like the most unproductive day I have had all summer so far until my friends Steph and Heidi helped in turning it all around. They took me with them to Generate tonight and God revealed so much more of Himself and His glory to me through the hundreds of people who were all worshiping him together in that one place. Praise God for giving me friends like Steph and Heidi and for all of the people I saw today passionately worshiping our God who really IS mighty to save. PTL! -RJ
I drove to Diamond Bar from Norwalk, and the drive felt long. I got to spend quality time with Yekkie only for a bit, but it was worth it. PTL. -Hazel
I cleaned out my locker and found a booklet that had the gospel of John in it and little notes that explained God's plan of salvation. I brought it with me to my sixth period because I didn't have to take the final and I was planning on reading it. One other person didn't have to take the final either, and the teacher placed us in the very back of the room where we could talk quietly. I showed her the book, and she had a lot of questions. I was able to witness to her. PTL. -Kristine
I just finished finals and it's only a Wednesday! Even though my heart is heavy because God is putting me through a trial to teach me how to be fully satisfied in His love, I am THANKFUL that He is teaching me patience that I may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. PTL. -Shaina
I feel nauseous all the time, but praise God 'cause that means the baby is growing!!! PTL. -Ruby
Last day of Theology III and no more papers for the summer! I have been blessed to learn about Christology (the doctrine of the person and work of Christ), Soteriology (doctrine of Salvation), and Pneumatology (the doctrine of the Holy Spirit). Looking at the multi-faceted diamond of Christ's atoning death melts my heart for Jesus. Jesus (1) substituted himself for us, (2) propitiated (satisfied the wrath of God) and accomplished expiation (removal of guilt and sin), (3) redeemed us from our bondage and sin, and (4) reconciled us so that we are now called children of God. I love you, Jesus! PTL. -Alex
Today, I woke up particularly tired and dreading another day of work. Then God reminded me that no day is "just another day" 'cause each day is a gift from Him to display to us His grace and goodness. He sends us out to wherever we are for a purpose: to know Him and make Him known. I'm excited to see what God shall teach me today. PTL! -Helen
In preparation for our family trip to Ohio, I did our last load of laundry at my parents' house, and while trying to clean the car and the little one's car seat, she wanted to play and be with me. It was very frustrating and tiresome. I found myself complaining and getting angry about little things. As we were driving away, God reminded me of Pastor Ed's sermon this past Sunday about rejoicing and how Jesus Christ saved me and forgives me from my sins. How God is in control and works all things for His glory and for my happiness. How everything happens so I can be more like Christ and closer to God so that I can give God the glory. PTL. -Geneyem
God gave us a good bible study talking about faith that saves from the gospel of Mark. What a great way to turn my eyes from looking at worthless things and to be revived in God's ways (Psalm 119:37). Especially when the Lakers lose (or win). PTL. -PJ
My mom has been helping me pack and sharing her travel wisdom. Advice I'll definitely need while I travel alone. PTL. -Krissa
I'm graduating this Saturday and I don't have anything concrete set in terms of where my future will be, but God has shone the light on many different options and opportunities, granting me the wisdom to follow my passions and strengths, and not just dollars. In fact, one of the directors from where I work just e-mailed me with another open position he found (that provides housing and meals! LEGIT!). It's amazing the kind of comfort and confidence God provides amidst times of uncertainty and unknowns. PTL FO SHO DOGGIE! -Marlol (The laugh out loud because it's just so funny how God, not funny in a bad way though, fo sho! All love!)
My friend told me how she was walking to her car at about 5AM, and upon thinking about the two finals she had to study for tomorrow said "F...M...actually, PTL!" to which her friend replied "Yeah! PTL!" I pray this movement is not only changing attitudes but also bringing hearts closer to Christ, as this blog, and those on it giving praise to our good God, are bringing my heart closer to him. PTL! -Julian
This is late but better late than never! God's grace and mercy was upon my family while we ventured to Vancouver and its mesmerizing sites. "Just in fact" we were also able to understand our tour guide throughout the trip. PTL! -Peniel

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I've been procrastinating on a big paper that's due this Thursday. I just got started on it today and I was getting super duper frustrated. But that's alright because God is teaching me that I need to be more on top of things and that I need to put my all into everything that I do because I should do all things for him. He deserves ALL the glory ALL the time. PTL! -RJ
PTL for His rebuke, showing me that I need to be joyful always, pray always, and give thanks in everything. -Jacquie
I got lost in Rancho as I was leaving the 4 dollar theater and wasted a ton of gas driving around. But because of that, I got to spend more time with my brother and sister in addition to the time we spent together watching Night at the Museum 2. PTL. -Aarika
My car battery is still under warranty for replacement. PTL. -Michael
Yesterday, my car battery died at the gas station. A man pumping gas tried to help me jump start it, but it didn't work. We then push started my car, which worked, and I got my car home. Thank God for that man who helped me. PTL. -Michael
Today, my dad had a doctor's appointment so I came to the office by myself and started to handle things here. I answered 2 calls, replaced the toilet paper, replenished the glue supply for the employees, & completed a form to hire a collection agency. So far, so good. PTL. - Julian
It usually takes 5 minutes to get on Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters at Disneyland, but yesterday it took us 30 minutes. But because it took us 30 minutes I was able to have wonderful conversations with Jackie, Aimee, Michael, and hubby and see the little kiddos enjoy each other. PTL. -Geneyem
I love browsing through all of your blogs. It makes for a nice little study break during finals week, but more importantly it's really encouraging to see how God is working through all of your lives in many unique and wonderful ways! God is so good. PTL! -Melody
True story: I ventured through Compton today and came out alive. PTL. -RJ

Monday, June 8, 2009

In the past month, I've been pulled over 2 days in a row, gotten a citation, received a parking ticket, and divvied up lots o' moolah several times a week for constricted parking spaces in the City of Angels. God is so good in teaching me to be a better driver and for providing for me a nine-to-six job to pay off all the monetary fines. PTL! -Helen
The other day I invited a group of about 130 people to join me for lunch and also put up the occasion on my AIM away message. No one showed up. Because of that, I was able to enjoy my lunch in peace and just enjoy the beautiful day. I was also able to leave earlier to get some work done. In addition, because I left earlier, the opportunity to spread God's love and kindness was presented to me - as I was cleaning out my car, I decided to give some free soda, water, and chocolate to some random people passing by! PTL fo sho. -Marlo
My mother is a blessing. I was in the shower today and I realized how great she is and she always means well. She can be a real monster sometimes but deep down all that beasty fur there lies a big heart. PTL, my bretheren. -Andrew

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I am most definitely NOT a fan of the Lakers. I really wanted the Magics to win game 2 today, but God planned otherwise. Not gonna lie, I was a little bummed out. But it made me happy to see my Laker-loving church family celebrating and smiling all around me. PTL! -RJ