Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On Sunday, my parents and I were going out of town. On our way, my dad realized he forgot his sunglasses, so we had to go back for them. My parents said that on the freeway there was so much traffic because there had been an accident just minutes ahead of us. If we had left at the planned time, who knows where they would have been at that time. PTL.

Same time. We were going to leave pretty early, I thought I wasn't going to be able to go to church. Since my dad forgot his sunglasses, I had a minute to talk to my bro (who was going with us but driving separately). He said they were going to church first before they leave, so I decided to hop out of the car and ride with them instead. Worship and the message were Amazing. PTL!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My dad was driving our giant super bus/van on the freeway with jacki,me,jude,mom,and jacki's baby and a driver suddenly braked and my dad was able to react quick enough and save us from a huge accident. I PTL because my dad is such a great driver and handyman. i love my familia PTL-E.J.
Today, I'm hungry. But I'm not starving. I know my God will provide and I have no reason to worry. PTL. -Julian

Monday, July 20, 2009

My brother is usually very protective of his stuff - especially if it's his car. Today he let me drive his car home after hanging out with me - even though it's stick and I'm noob at it. PTL for giving me a brother that is kind enough to set aside his love of a material to provide me with a learning experience! PTL PTL! - Marlo
God is my Father. PTL. -Alex
Yesterday, we had another meeting to prepare for our upcoming VBS! Not only is it super fun and exciting, but praise God for the leadership and enthusiasm to serve the community and spread the gospel through this event. PTL! -Melody

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Recently a lot of things (bad things, which i won't mention here) have happened to a dear friend of mine. She was born in a Christian family but even though her knowledge in the Bible is quite strong, her faith has been very shaky. I felt the Lord's leading for me to talk to her and know her better through these issues she's been facing and I can see the Lord working in her life. Just this morning she responded to an alter call for the church leader to pray for her and I think it's very brave for her to do so. I've been praying for her a lot and I can see God's hand in all of this. PTL. - Jet
Recently inherited my brother's old car - nice and fancy... but almost got in a car accident yesterday... DOUBLE PTL for new car and the "almost" part of my previous statement! - Marlo