Saturday, August 8, 2009

My grandma passed away yesterday afternoon. Even though it hurts, I am thankful that I got to be there with her. What was encouraging was just seeing my mom and how even though her heart was breaking soo much and she was just crying and kissing my grandma's face (even though she was already unconscious), my mom was just praising God for preparing the best for my grandma, the best timing, and saying to her that she can go in peace because there is nothing on this world that is worth her clinging onto, and just saying hallelujah, how she is going to be with Jesus and the angels are picking her up and everything. It is so sad when you see your mom like a little girl and saying ma ma just like you say it, but so touching that in such pain she can really praise the Lord- Shaina

Friday, August 7, 2009

In my attempt to vacate a very tight parking spot and not dent a car with the front of my own vehicle I ended up rear-ending someone else with my spare tire, resulting in a dent the size of my fist. (not very fortuitous). But anyway, I was freaking out thinking in my head what this would mean to my insurance when the owner, plus all the witnesses, came over to comfort me, telling me that it wasn't that big of a deal, it was an accident, and not to worry. (thank you CICC members for the encouragement) But it didn't get rid of all of my disappointment. I was still very stressed and upset with myself; trying to pull it all together for VBS graduation when I got a call from the guy who I hit. He told me that the dent was gone.

"What?" I said, "Are you serious?"

And he told me, "Yeah, it totally popped out by itself."

PTL for God's amazing gift of providence. How a completely devastating situation for me was totally erased and is now brought forth for the glory of God. -Aarika

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My wrist has been hurting since Monday and the doctor said I could'nt go back to work till Saturday. I didn't work that many hours last week and I didn't work at all this week. PTL I don't have to work this week and that I can rest in the afternoon. I would be so tired and it would be a lot harder to take care of the babies at VBS if I had to go to work. God is great. :] PTL! -Bhianne
God is sending me to lunch with a neighbor in the community. Pray that I get to share the gospel with him and love him as I love myself. PTL. -PJ

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I came home from work, and found my parents texting and Facebooking. Happy days. PTL. -Jacquie

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

(I was listening in on Eric's first real teaching gig at VBS)

eric: Peter soon became afraid and He turned away from Jesus causing him to begin sinking in the water. He cried out to the Jesus to help him and Jesus came, pulling up and bringing him onto the boat. What if that happened to you? What if Jesus saved you from nearly drowning? What would you say to him?

matthew: I'd ask for his autograph.

8-9 year olds have a humour that never ceases to make the Bible more exciting because it is a valid, honest, and logical humour that makes you think, "Why didn't I think of that?"

In all honesty. Jesus is much more famous and much more important than any other celebrity this world could ever offer.

PTL for the reminder of fresh faith and how we should always fight for our faith to be like that -Aarika
My parents have given me so much more than i need, and have provided for me in ways i forget about everyday. Like buying the detergent so i can have clean clothes, ketchup & mayo for my sandwhichs, clothes when i need new ones, camera memory cards, a lap top, milk for my cereal...the list is endless. I know i need to show them the same generosity they have shown me, cause compared to most people in America, i've got it good. God truly gave me some amazing parents that love me more than i can tell. Thanks mom & dad, i love you! PTL for you! -Audrey

Monday, August 3, 2009

Today we had our first day of our VBS and we had about 97 God is great and can you imagine 97 people are going to learn about Jesus!! PTL. - Geneyem