Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today, Geneyem had a baby. PTL. -Julian
Early this morning.....Geneyem's water broke!!! Baby Karis is on her way! What's funny is last night she was telling us she had a feeling Karis would stay for the 10 remaining days. This will be the second Barrett baby (girl). God's surprises and miracles. PTL. -Julian
PTL for music, especially when my dad and Andrew rock out in the car together. Tonight, both of them were singing loud and proud. My mom and I couldn't stop laughing. PTL for good times like these and the many more to come. -RJ

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today, I arrived from the Philippines safe and sound. I praise God for His traveling mercies and for His sovereignty throughout my flight. Even providing me the exact change needed to pay the airport fee in the Philippines. And a mostly comfortable flight back. And a short layover in Korea. And for keeping my safe while I traveled by myself. PTL. -Krissa
This evening, I was able to attend a Wednesday night service with my cousin at her church, Maranatha Chapel. The praise and worship portion was so moving and Pastor Ray Bentley presented a great sermon about Luke 15, which reminded me of God's forgiveness and unceasing love for us. PTL for being able to praise the wonders of our God anywhere and any day of the week! -Melody
My husband is the most caring, amazing, and loving man I have ever met. Being pregnant and having a toddler is pretty difficult, but because of him, he makes it way easier. Even when he is tired from work, he always has the energy to take care of our little girl so that I can rest. He's completely understanding with how I am lately, which is tired. And it's so wonderful that he allows me to take naps during the day while he watches our little girl. I know that he is doing this to serve me and to glorify God at the same time. PTL. - Geneyem

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I was reading one of C.S. Lewis' works and he brought to my attention that there is a being that truly hates us. Through a short chain of introspective events, I realized the things that I thought were not doing me any harm, the things I thought I had under control, were hindering me from enjoying the Lord. PTL for pain. ugh - Joshua
Today I had a lovely date with my little girl. We watched a movie in the theater for free (she was really good) and then lunch (she ate her food). I'm going to miss these alone times with her but I'm excited for having lovely dates with two of my little girls. PTL. -Geneyem

Monday, July 6, 2009

Today, I had some quality time with my accountability partner, Andrewho. Thanks to Joshua Harris, we realized that the reason we've been failing so much is because we've been relying too much on our own power and legalistic goals. Praise God we can despair at our weaknesses and put our dependence on God's power, whose grace is sufficient for me. Andrewho and I resolved to do this instead. PTL. - Julian
Along with 8 other people, we were able to buy a giftcard at starbucks and told the cashier to pay for $2 of every drink... it seemed to not only make the day of some customers, but the workers too! PTL for STL - Spreading the love! - Marlo
Tonight we went through some INTENSE exercising and my body was so not used to it. My legs were shaking and my arms were shaking while trying to hold a position and they now feel weak as ever. Even though I'm not as good as all those girls who have so much experience, I'm thankful that God taught me that it's never too late. I just need to give it all to Him and find my confidence in Christ. I'm just thankful to God that I even have legs and arms to do the things we did today. PTL! -RJ

"I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I was dreading going to Las Vegas today,not because of Las Vegas itself,but because I wasn't going to get to go to Bible Study or Church. My family and I were on the road to Las Vegas and in the car I thought to myself why I wanted to go to Bible Study or Church and I sadly realized that I really wanted to go because I wasnt going to get to be with my friends. I praise the lord today because he rebuked me and reminded me that friends are blessings and great assets to help us grow in love together like Christ,but when you seperate friends from God and put them above him like I did you are sinning against him and you may not know it. In my case I was disguising this sin thinking that it was alright to feel this way because I wanted accountability even though I really wanted to just laugh with my friends without God being the central point of my conversations with friends. So PTL for God's unfailing and refining love. -E.J.