Saturday, June 20, 2009

I was on AIM and nobody really talked to me unless I started a conversation. I IMed 7 people and got only a few responses. The people who responded also didn't really want to talk, but I praise the Lord because in my time of loneliness, he gives me Christ and he also gave me my Christian brother Aljay who IMed me out of the blue, which is very abnormal. PTL for friends who will help you in your spirtual walk, and for Jesus Christ who suffered so much on the cross for us sinful scum. PTL. -EJ
Saw one of my girlfriends get married to the love of her life today. Feels like only yesterday that we were campers, then camp counselors together, though it's been almost 8 years. PTL for beautiful friends & awesome weddings. -Ica

Friday, June 19, 2009

I took my car in for a tune up $250 and was told I need to change my serpentine belt and tensioner for another $325 on top of that. I know it's God's money for his mission but I'm struggling to be okay with this one. God's sanctifying me and it hurts a bit on this one. PTL. -PJ
Today, my cousin Travis is graduating high school. PTL. -Ica
Last month, I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells in my body. My insurance was ending in a week and I had to be referred to a specialist to get treated. I was scheduled to have surgery on the last day that my insurance would end. The night before the surgery, the doctor informed me that he could most likely not get the surgery done due to my current conditions. I prayed all night asking God to give me mercy and grace. The next morning, I was able to go in for surgery. God had really answered my prayers.

As I waited for the doctor to come in and see me, I was nervous and scared. My family didn't know about the pre-cancerous cells in my body nor did they know that I was going in for surgery that day. When the doctor walked in, he pulled out a sheet of paper. "These are your results from the procedure we performed last week," he informed me. "For some miraculous reason, we jumped the gun." I found out that the results had just come in and oddly enough, I didn't have to do surgery [for now]! He told me to check back in 6 months. The next day, my physician called me and told me he didn't understand it. He told me that this doesn't happen at all.

Whatever it was that happened, I definitely know it was God's hands at work in my life. PTL! -Jezzeri
Today, after a concert in LA, my friend and I began to drive home. Unfortunately, we got lost. In the process, we made numerous circles and U-turns, went on countless wrong freeways, and drove in streets that terrified us. But through all this fear, God was with us and brought us safely home. PTL. -Steph
Today, I was talking with a friend and we decided to have a reading plan for Christian books and, more importantly, the Bible. I was reading my book Battling Unbelief and I am now more prepared to fight pride now. I am just so happy that God is answering my prayer for spritual discipline. So, God is just an amazing God. PTL. -EJ

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've been exercising a lot more lately, causing me to feel super sore and extra hungry. I even gave up juice and soda. But praise God for the energy that you get from exercising, for yummy fruits that does our body good like blueberries, bananas, and apples, for H2O that quenches our thirst till we get thirsty again, and for Jesus Christ who quenches our thirst forever! PTL! -RJ
Despite the fact that I got sick, and I mean, HORRIBLY SICK, Monday evening. God graced me with fantastic coworkers willing to fill in for me, understanding bosses who didn't hold it against me to call in sick, and the strength to get through my finals confidently. So now, on this day, June 18, 2009, I am officially done with my first year of college and it feels FANTASTIC!! PTL! -Aarika
Southern California June gloom is GONE. PTL. -Heidi


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today is my birthday. I was planning to go to Disneyland and eat lots of cake with Mickey. However, on Tuesday I had a high fever and could not move for the whole day. I literally slept for twenty four hours because I was so weak. But today, while laying in bed, I got a chance to read Scripture, listen to some sermons, read a little about John Calvin, and rejoice over God's goodness through the church family. You can either wallow in self-pity or rejoice in God through sufferings. I am learning to rejoice. We tend to listen to God much more in our sufferings than in times of health and prosperity. Praise the Lord for affliction that He uses for good. Psalms 119:67-"Before I was afflicted, I went astray, But now I keep your word." PTL.-Alex
I was not happy with my phone plan (no internet for what I was paying) so I went to Sprint and changed the plan for only 29 dollars more a month for the family plan I had before, and got two Blackberry Curves for my mom and myself for 76 dollars (after all the rebates). PTL. -Michael

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I drank the worst caramel frap I've ever had while studying 1 Thess 2.13-16. PTL. -PJ
I got into a very near car accident when I was about to enter the freeway. I was so scared because my sister, Sandy, was in the car with me. I almost cried, but the God kept us safe. He really protects His children. PTL. -Hazel

Monday, June 15, 2009

Today, Andrew and I went to Chick-Fil-A to snag some buffalo sauce packets, stumbling upon some youth from Home of Christians, including old friends Dennis, Josh, and Chester. They were raising funds for short term missions trips and I was really blessed by their desires for evangelism, so I got to donate. I'm encouraged by their church and am more pumped for our own missions plans for summer 2010. PTL. - Julian
I check my grades almost obsessively so that I can add or drop classes for the Fall. I received a B for my Microeconomics class by God's good grace. I don't have to re-take it for the 6th time! For reals, PTL. -Jacquie
My bosses at my new job cut my hours and it is such a huge blessing because I have been wiped out! PTL. -Aarika
Fresh start. I finally started on my exam again not too long ago, ready to retake it and pass with flying colors. I even set up my window so that I wouldn't accidentally click out of it again. Then, my brother comes. He was simply reaching behind the computer to get a blank CD. But it didn't stop there. He accidentally hit the computer cord, unplugging it from the outlet, shutting off the computer, exiting my exam...again. I froze in shock. I log back online and my grade went back to dropping 15%. I didn't even get to answer #1. It really was one of those "FML" moments, but instead I praise God for what happened because I know that he let this happen for a reason. After praying about it, I feel very relaxed and I'm choosing to just give it all to God. PTL! -RJ
I was taking my sociology final exam online and my professor warned us NOT to click out of the exam. Otherwise, it will not let us retake it and that whatever we get on it is our final score. I was taking the exam the other day and I accidentally clicked on another link, taking me away from the exam. I was barely on question number 4 out of 200. This dropped my grade 15%. Today, I got an e-mail from my professor telling me not to worry about it and that he'll let me retake it. PTL! -RJ
The Barrett family is finally home. It was a blessing to see two awesome Christians who love Christ so much to be joined in marriage. I'm so glad that we have these two in our lives, and I know my dear hubby had a great time with his really good friend. God is sooo good to allow us to keep friendships even when they are so far away. God is so gracious to put people in our lives who will point us and challenge us to grow closer to Christ. And God is so awesome for allowing us to spend some time away as a family. PTL. -Geneyem
Today, we could have stayed home and watched the Lakers win the championship but instead, our youth group went to the beach for our annual bonfire. At the beach, all the graduating seniors reflected on their four years of high school. Throughout high school, all of us seniors agreed that God has been there for us no matter what and we have grown so much in Christ, and through all the challenges and temptations that may come along with college, we know that Christ is the only thing worth living for. PTL. -Steph

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This past weekend, I realized that the Good News never gets old. Christ gives me so much happiness knowing that He went through so many painful things to save us! PTL! -Joanna
I am so humbled but really grateful that we have our Sierra View (a convalescent home) ministry at church. It took me a while to have a heart for it but I'm so blessed everytime we go and visit the residents there. Today, we had to be in a different (smaller) room that barely fit all of us but that just means there are people interested in hearing God's word. Little conversations show me that God is working in people's hearts all the time so we have to continue to be faithful in sharing His gospel. PTL! -Andrea