Friday, June 10, 2011

It started out a little hectic at the Community Feed tonight. One of our patrons was getting loud & boisterous & obviously upset. Everyone knew & loved this guy - he has a pretty funny personality at times, but other times he can be a little out of control. His emotional & mental handicapps are severe & noticeable, but the great thing about our church is that he is accepted & loved by all, no matter what frame of mind he is in.

As things with him escalated however, God gently nudged me to go & sit with him. I traded places in the serving line with my good friend Vince, and went to sit with him. We knew each other well enough, and although I couldn't understand exactly what was troubling him, God told me just to sit & talk with him & be calm, which is what I did. Things settled down quite quickly. I just love how the Spirit of God can bring peace through obedience.

I don't know that I've really been in God's will much lately as I've been neglecting my bible a lot, however, it's the simple things that God does through me that remind me that He is never far from me. PTL.


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  1. press on steven! God is using you!
    nikonsniper steve